(Investosure Consultancy Private Limited, Noida (Uttar Pradesh) is Different Organization. We don’t have any branch is Pune, Maharashtra. Investosure Consultancy Private Limited, Noida (Uttar Pradesh) is Different Organization. We don’t have any branch is Pune, Maharashtra.)
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What We Do

Investosure Is A Trade Mark Registered Under The Name Of HNS Pro Solutions Pvt. Ltd. We Started As A Proprietor Firm In 2010 As Private Fund Lender Organization With A Single Branch In Sonipat, Haryana. In 2012, We Entered Insurance Sector And Mutual Funds Marketing. By 2014, We Were Able To Provide Our Clients With Various Investment Options And Avenues. Now, We Have Grown To A Team Of More Than 250+ Members Across 5 Locations In Delhi NCR. Our Motive Is To Provide Financial Stability And Security To Individuals. Investosure Pvt. Ltd. Is Committed To Distinctive Quality And Unparalleled Service Andsupport To All Our Interns At Various Stages Of Their Career With Us. As Part Of The Team, You Will Discover That The Pursuit Of Excellence Is Truly A Rewarding Aspect Of Your Career With Investosure Pvt. Ltd.

Guaranteed Income Return Plan

Guaranteed income plans provide that certainty. Such life insurance-cum-savings plans guarantee regular payouts and investment benefits. A guaranteed income plan also assures a life cover.

Health Plans

The most important thing is to invest. The second most important thing is to buy well. The concept that must be learned is that the market can and does fall substantially from its top periodically. Date, scale, and reason will be different each time.


We assist you in selecting the most appropriate options for your requirements and family situations. We guarantee that you will put your faith in us as your family's financial partner, delivering complete financial solutions throughout your life and retirement. Our firm, Investosure, is more like a financial safety net that assists you and your loved ones in recovering after a disaster.


Our Customers' Trust Is The Biggest Factor For Our Growth. When Its About Our Customers' Future, We Help Them To Achive Their Financial Goals And Minimize The Risks Involve.



We Have Team Of Experts That Not Only Understand The Need Of Customers, But Advice Them With Various Investments Avenues Avialable. Our Experts Are Certified And Posses In-Depth Knowekldge And Experience.



We Do A Thorough Analysis Of Customer Need And Financial Market Before Giving Any Advisory To Customers.Its Our Top Priority To Provide You With The Best Auality Of Service.


Our Foundational Strengths

Clarity in Communication

We, as insurers, communicate as clearly as possible about what policies will work best for you.


We are dedicated to our consumers and we stay true to our mission

Product Excellence

We adapt our products to our consumers' changing lifestyles. We offer a variety of solutions so that consumers may pick and choose what they require.

Reliable Support

We have large connectivity and agreements with medical providers, multilingual assistance and niche support when needed.


High Networth Individulas


Upper Middle


Middle Class



We simplify things for you.

Investosure, is more like a financial safety net that assists you and your loved ones in recovering after a disaster.

  • No late fees, No credit checks
  • Carefully selected products for customers
  • Get paid up to 2 days faster
  • Build credit over time


Investosure HNS Pro Solutions Pvt Ltd Venture - a portfolio management company. It was an extremely good experience being a part of this company as we got to learn and gain immense knowledge . Good training was been provided to us by the Mentors. The mentors, Seniors & HR'S are extremely helpful and supportive and has always helped us whenever required. I had a great experience working here.
Sneha Singh International Management Institute, Kolkata
Year: 2022
As an intern with Investosure, I was introduced to a friendly and enjoyable work environment. I had numerous opportunities to learn and experience new things, particularly in the field of DM. I was able to develop my abilities, skills, knowledge, and confidence thanks to their guidance and support.
I would like to express my gratitude to the whole Investosure team and I wish the company growth and success!

Adit Raj Bando

IIM, Raipur

Year: 2022
Being part of investosure, provided us with several opportunities to learn and get valuable experience. The Mentors provided us with excellent training. Mentors, Seniors, and HR's are exceedingly helpful and supportive, they always gone above and beyond to assist us. I got to learn many new concepts about Digital Marketing as I was having my internship in this. Working here was a fantastic experience for me.

Pranay Bagde

IIM, Raipur

Year: 2022
As an intern in investosure-HNS Pro Solution Pvt Ltd Venture, i was an intern in human resource department, it was a great experience for me as i have got lot of knowledge regarding hiring & recruitment. My mentor Shivanshi Gupta helped me a lot and guided me for my mistakes. All the people in this organisation are very kind and helpfull.

Bhumika Nimbekar

Doon business school, Dehradoon

Year: 2022
This internship improved me as a whole. My personality developed a lot by working with Investosure. This internship gave me many opportunities and helped to improvise my skills and knowledge. I liked working here and the period of just two months wasn't enough to enjoy this journey. This period will always be memorable for me.

Zeani Mateen

Doon business school, Dehradoon

Year: 2022
I was working as an intern for 2 months.It was a great experience working with Investosure. Both modules gave me a vast knowledge and developed my skills and knowledge. The staff is so overwhelming that my words are not enough to explain. It was a great time over here. Thank you all for the guidance and support all through my journey.

Juhi Kumari

Doon business school, Dehradoon

Year: 2022
I had work as an intern for 2 months. Working with such an organisation under such experienced professional it was a great experience for me. I must say it was a great journey indeed. I learned a lot being with this company. Thank you for the support and guidance on my internship journey.

Shreya Singh

Doon business school, Dehradoon

Year: 2022
Being a part of the investosure team i was working as an intern in finance department where i get the knowledge about portfolio management and business analysis. I was a great experience of my life. I am thankful to my mentor, seniors and other employees in the organisation who give me the opportunity to work in their organisation.

Prakhar Rawat

Doon business school, Dehradoon

Year: 2022
I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Investosure. It has been a very fruitful learning experience for me. I want to thank all my guides for helping me through this process. Ihave learn many new things here. I am sure that this internship with Investosure - HNS Pro Solutions Pvt Ltd Venture will definitely going to help me in my future career options. I am extremely thank full for our mentors, seniors, and all other members.

Gandharvi Khatua

IMI, Kolkata

Year: 2022
Investosure-HNS Pro solutions Pvt Ltd Venture is having a good team of experts who shall guide you throughout the tenure of the internship and provide with lot of real life experience. Since I choose finance internship, I was taught various technical analysis techniques. Thanks to investosure team.


International Management Institute, Kolkata

Year: 2022