Smart Way To Minimise Risk
And Maximise Confidence

Overcome every situation without financial stress with effective risk management tools for every emergency. Table with Health Insurance, Life
Insurance, Term Insurance, and Home Insurance

  • Health Insurance

    Get the best treatment without worrying about medical expenses. Protect your savings from health emergencies. Get tax exemption.

  • Life Insurance

    Financially secure your and your family’s future Achieve long-term saving goals Secure your retirement Save income tax.

  • Term Insurance

    Financially secure your family’s future Protect your savings from Critical and Terminal Illness Coverage Tax Benefits.

How We Work

Frequenty Asked Questions

What is ITR filing on a video call?

ITR filing over a one-on-one video call is an innovative method of filing your Income Tax Returns (ITR). It involves a real-time collaboration between a person who wishes to file ITR and a Tax Expert over a LIVE call.

What is the process of filing ITR on a video call?

First, you are required to schedule an appointment with the tax expert by selecting your preferred date and time. Once you schedule the appointment, you will get a list of documents which you need to keep ready on the day of the appointment. At the time of the appointment, you and the tax expert will connect over a live video call via Google Meet, Skype, Zoom or MS Teams. The tax expert will guide you step-by-step to file our ITR.

Is filing ITR online over a video call reliable?

Yes, filing your ITR online over a live video call is a new concept, but it is as reliable as filing your ITR using the traditional way with your CA.

Will the tax expert answer my tax and ITR filing-related questions?

Yes, in case you have any questions related to your ITR filing and taxation, you can surely ask the tax expert, and the expert will answer them during the call.